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What is the difference between Let’s Encrypt and a Commercial Certificate Authority

Know the difference between Commercial SSL Certificate & Let’s Encrypt. Commercial SSL Certificate Commercial SSL Certificates are offered by a trusted CA like Comodo etc that provide all types of SSL including Domain Validated, Organization validated, EV SSL, wildcard or multidomain SSL. You can also claim for a warranty in …

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How to know security of your Business Website ?

Today We will talk about website security and stability, As we all know in this today arena everyone is looking for cheap and best hosting. But In some of the cases some company use old & retired hardware to run websites, which doesn’t support advanced feature and speed. Due to …

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Why Support is very important for any Web Hosting

Support can be a very broad term in web hosting. Normally, a provider handles hardware needs, server administration, patching, connection to the Internet, and general maintenance of systems. The site owner normally decides what technologies are used: PHP based, ASP.NET, Java, the database solution, along with any third-party technical solutions. …

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