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How to fix rundll32.exe errors in Windows?

When an error occurs, you need to check if a new software or hardware has been added recently. If it is so, simply remove the new hardware or software which will solve the issue. If the problem still persists , you might need to follow any of the following steps.

Please follow below given steps to fix rundll32.exe error.

1. Edit the registry entries associated with programs which may have been uninstalled or removed. The rundll32.exe file is shared by several programs or processes. But if one such program is uninstalled, invalid EXE entries are left behind.What it means is that the even though the file location is changed, the former location is still recorded in the Windows registry. Besides this some malwares may also infect the registry entries. Registry cleaners can be used to scan and repair any rundll32.exe related registry entries.

2. There is a high chance that malwares may infect the PC and damage , corrupt and even delete EXE- related files. To avoid these problem, you may like to install anti-malware or anti-virus programs in the PC.

3. Due to normal web browsing or usual computer use, the system gathers lots of junk files which effects the programs of the system and even make them respond slowly resulting into a rundll32.exe error. A disk cleanup software may be used to clean the files which will not only rectify the rundll32.exe errors but also speed up the computer system.

4. Sometimes rundll32.exe errors may also be attributed to corrupt drivers. Drivers may end up working due to various reasons which is out of the scope of this discussion. It may be noted that rundll32.exe error is not necessarily always caused by hardware driver problems. But it is recommended to have the drivers of the system updated for better performance.

5. Windows System Restore can also be used to rectify any rundll32.exe errors. Windows System restore enables us to return the PC’s files to a state when everything was working fine thereby effectively reducing hours of troubleshooting.

6. Besides these above mentioned steps, one may also run Windows system file checker, install all available updates of Windows or uninstall and reinstall the platforms associated with rundll32.exe. Finally if nothing of the above works, one may try to perform a clean installation of Windows.

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