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How to Install and Setup WordPress on your Hosting?

Since installing WordPress with Fantastico is very easy, we’ll delve instead into the manual installation. That only requires cPanel pre-installed on your hosting. CPanel is not exclusive, so your hosting plan will most probably have it—still, check when purchasing your plan. So, let’s move on to the next 5 installation stages:

Download The Setup File

First of all, you need to get the setup file itself. That’s not a problem—just go to the official WordPress website — www.wordpress.org — and choose the latest package, Its absolutely free. (By the way, it’s common that Fantastico offers to install an outdated version of WP, so manual installation is good in this case.) Choose the latest version for your Hosting Platform, download the archive, unpack it, and leave it alone for a while.

Create a Database for WP

Next, you’ll need to create a database that will be used by the CMS. You have to login to your cPanel (usually the instruction for that is provided by the web host company). When you’re in, go to the MySQL Databases section, and create a new database. You can choose any user name and password, but make sure you remember them. Now all you have to do is just link the database to the new user account, and entitle the latter with all available rights.

Manage the wp-config file

Now that you have a ready database and an installation package, you have to connect them. Find the wp-config-sample file among the unzipped stuff, and rename it into wp-config. Open it for editing, add the the name of the database you chose, and enter your password. That’s quite easy, so it shouldn’t cause any trouble.

Install WordPress

Here it comes, the installation process! Get the unpacked stuff, including the wp-config file, into the root folder on your server (i.e. hosting). The best way to do it is to use the FTP manager and go to the public_html/ folder on your server. Just add the files to this directory, and that’s it! Be patient—it may require some time. Finally, start the installation — go to www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin/install.php. Just type that in your address line and press Enter. The rest should work on its own.

Site Details and The Finish

The last couple of things you have to do is to enter the name of your website and several relevant tags. When WP is done with the installation process, you will see a special installation window. That window will also read the username and the password you chose in the second step. You can change them later. And — that’s it. If everything was ok, now you have WP on your server.

Now What?

As you have probably understood, installing WP is only the overture. The opera itself is only about to begin. Now you will have to choose a WordPress theme, compound all necessary modules and plugins, choose styles for your pages, and, of course, create the content for the website. Anyway, now that you have installed WP manually, the rest will not be so complicated. Good luck to you and your project!

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