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What to Expect from WordPress 5.x version in 2018

WordPress, Finding out what will 2018 bring us is almost impossible because every year is full of surprises that nobody thought about. Of course, there are always some expectations that people have for the new year and some of them actually come to life. So, because of that, we want to share with you some of the expectations that you might need to have for WordPress in the new 2018. WordPress always played a huge role in the websites all over the world and in 2018 we can assume that it will only continue to be this way.

Almost 30% of every website there is on the internet is powered by the WordPress, which makes it the most popular CMS in the entire world. People wouldn’t use it that often if it wasn’t good, so there is no doubt that the WordPress is one of the highest quality CMS. Of course, every year is different, so we can expect some changes that will further improve the features. One of those changes will be the release of the WordPress 5.0. and the reason for this huge release is that CMS is turning 15 this year. As you can only expect there will be some major changes with a new WordPress version.

WordPress 5.0

If you haven’t heard it before, then you have the chance to hear it from us first, the newest update to WordPress is coming out this year and it will bring a whole new version 5.0. The previous version of the WordPress 4.0 was out for more than three years and during those three years, the developers never stopped improving it and coming up with new ideas for the newest 5.0 version. This means that this will be the largest release of this software since 2014 when the 4.0 version was first released to the public. Just like back in 2014, the new WordPress will change up a lot of things when it comes to making websites.

We can only hope that the changes will be easy to adapt to, so everyone can continue to use them without interruptions. Some people say that it will be released quite soon maybe even in April this year which is a huge thing. However, that wasn’t confirmed yet, so we don’t need to get our hopes up. We think that the update will come in place somewhere between June and July. As you might have guessed it is one of the most highly anticipated software releases in the world.


One of the key things with WordPress is the ability to provide high security and that is the reason why people so loved using it. Surprisingly enough, we can expect to see some improvements done to the security measures, so if you thought they were good enough, just wait until the new release and see the improved security features that you can use. With improved security, even more, people will use WordPress and the community will grow even larger.

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